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I'm so sorry you're getting nasty responses! Thank you for graciously answering questions and providing such important information! The timeline is very helpful. Thanks again for doing this!

Edit-sorry for all those exclamation marks, that wasn't intended..

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Same here (Austria). If a cop uses a weapon you can count on a detailed investigation following up.

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You've already got a great answer by op, and if you don't mind I'd share my experience..I basically learned about sex in school (Europe, actually had good sex ed in biology class), and I guess online.

I found the best way to approach this with my daughters was just to start talking about it, age appropriate of course. My 2 y/o knows about penises and vaginas, and will randomly talk about her vagina or say stuff like 'papa has a penis'. She knows her little sister grew in my tummy, and we'll get to more details as she gets older.

But my point is, starting talking about genitalia etc early normalized it for me, and for her. It's not like my 6 month old baby really understands what I'm talking about when I explain her body parts, but it will never be new to her that we talk about these things.

I recommend you research and think about how you could phrase things and what you would like to explain etc. And even if it feels awkward at first, it will get easier.