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Hi Dr. Schleien - thank you for all your work and willing to participate in this!

What are you most excited to do now that you're home?

How is your recovery and do you think there are permanent changes from this event?

Sending lots of love and virtual hugs! Please take care!

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What is the worst fruit (in your opinion) you have eaten?

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Patient and provider safety is one of the fundamental goals of developing national quality forum endorsed quality measures. However, it is up to the provider setting on developing and implementing processes to uphold those quality measures. Is the quality measures system not working? Do you believe there are too many? I think your work is in line to develop quality measures or processes supporting the measures.

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To the writers of ProPublica, I have some questions about your methodology. You limited your sample to eight types of surgeries because of low risk. Is this low risk of complications post surgery or low risk of complications during surgery? I applaud you for using mixed methods but what factors or variables did you randomize vs. fixed?

The numerous factors that are associated with readmissions from one of the surgical procedures, is that list for public viewing? Why did you use the 30 day time window? Did you take into account the post acute care setting? Did you control for discharge instructions and adherence? For risk adjustment, did you consider socioeconomic or sociodemographic statuses? As you can see, I am fairly interested and would like to learn more than the website. Health policy is my thing.