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Are you part of the problem?

Frankly, I think it's irrelevant because they'll soon be replaced by robots, which is exactly what should happen in any situation where people are used like machines. What the displaced workers will do without the jobs is a completely different subject.

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I wrote a vocabulary tutoring engine that can easily wrap languages that can be drilled during spare moments waiting for buses, etc. I created one for the Hawaiian language among others. Anyone can contact me if they want to create one for a dying language.

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My mother was a therapist and that many-minds idea was one of her central ideas in her practice. When clients reported ambivalence, she liked to set up multiple chairs, one for each voice. She'd then ask the client to sit on the correct chair to speak for each voice. She'd moderate the discussion between the various parts and help them find resolutions as if they were individual people. Things like "Your scared self is saying that it's working hard to protect you, not change or punish you. What do you want to say to them about that?"

I'm so sad that she didn't live to see Inside Out because I bet it would be her instant favorite movie.

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Yes, my father was always afraid to fly because the one in a thousand odds of there being a bomb on the plane seemed too high. But then he realized that the odds of there being two bombs on the same plane was one in a million, so he'd be fine so long as he always brought his own bomb.

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Hello Lazar. What do you think you're really looking for?