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Dr Greger,

First off, you are a hero to the vegan movement -- thank you!

1) How do you feel about the growing interest in cannabis as medicine, for everything from PTSD to glaucoma?

2) Have you made your mind up on the ever-changing research surrounding coffee?

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What is the effective - yet polite - way of telling a loved one they should consider cutting down on animal foods? What is the killer argument that will hit home without offending the person?

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Considering how deadly foods like bacon and cheese are, what is the reason so many people crave them? That is to say -- given how toxic these foods are, should we not have evolved an instinctual disdain rather than craving for them?

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Dr Greger,

1) is sautéing my veggies alright, rather than eating them raw? I find them easier to digest that way.

2) what would be your go-to tips for dealing with constipation, besides going vegan?