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curtisjunk18 karma

I'm curious why you haven't used the fact based record of centrism in the Democratic party in your reporting? The party has been operating under a centrist paradigm since the DLC plans in the late 80's/early 90's. The Third Way may be "new" in that there was no such organization a few years ago, but it's operating philosophies are simply re-branded versions of the DLC paradigm. Given their claim that centrism is the only route to electoral success, what is the actual record of centrist success? How much ground have they gained or lost to GOP control from local, state and federal offices in the 30-40 years they have had the chance to prove that centrism is the only way for Democrats to succeed?

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The idea that a survivable climate is considered "hard left" is utterly bizarre to me. I will never understand how the right is happy to go to a doctor for a medical prognosis and treatment, will board a plane to fly through the air, all developed by science, but suddenly think science is a scam when it comes to the climate.