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Do you think that there may come a point when trash wheels could tackle the great pacific garbage patch?

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I'm in HR. What works for me is to give a very brief synopsis of your experience. "Hi, I'm floralscarf and I applied for xx position. I have two years experience in similar work, and I'm interested in a position with your company."

What never works is getting rude because you haven't heard from me. 300 other people have called me this week, too. Always sound cheerful and never resentful.

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When I was an HR director, I had a Hispanic employee get picked up for a drug possession. He wasn't going to get an attorney, and I basically browbeat him into getting one. He was well paid, and I told him to sell his car and mortgage his house if he had to, but get a damned attorney. He was sponsoring his wife for citizenship, and when it finally sank in that this would ruin her chances, he went out and got the most high-powered attorney in town. All charges were dropped.

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I'm so sorry.

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Found you!