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I don't talk to my mother. Forgiveness totally can be the wrong theme.

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Hi Mikel,

I hope you and your family are healthy and the smoke is cleared by you. How did you edit your words? Your book is so well written. I think I read somewhere that it took you three years. Did you have to edit a lot? Did an editor work on it?

Thank you!

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You inspired me to write a poem after I read Hollywood Park. I don't know if you get a hundred gazillion people asking you this, but can I share it with you? Is that super lame? If it is, just pretend you didn't see this. Well, it's on YouTube and your name is in the description.

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Has Steven ever taken you to any Taiwanese restaurants in your area? The best are of course in Taiwan, but Arcadia, San Gabriel have some OK Taiwanese food, including Ding Tai Feng.

Mikel, did you sell the film rights? I hope whoever produces the film is as talented as you. If I had money, I'd buy the film rights. Who would you want to play you in the film?

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Thank you, Mikel!