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Do you have kids? If so, how are they affected by your death sentence? If not, do you wish you had children?

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We're talking about his unjust death penalty.

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Yes! First of all, get his book and learn his story, so that you are informed. He doesn't want you to take his word for anything. If you are inspired by what you read, and want to join his cause, perhaps you could think about a place where you could host him (a class, conference, community group, etc.) via conference call. He's very very good at talking to young folks about the lie he believed about who he was supposed to be, and how he got caught in a trap that did so much damage. He's incredibly inspirational! His web site, www.keithlamar.org, has a page where you can add your contact info and if you want to be contacted about ways to support, just shoot an email to: [email protected].

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He does take full responsibility for the first crime he committed. He pled guilty to it.

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He doesn't.