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Probably Theresa May

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BRB, going to try it.

Edit - This is Mrs Cunt-Hooks. My husband is incapacitated at the moment. There's no cause for alarm, but please don't try this at home.

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Cat videos, obviously.

Or porn. Probably porn.

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I will fuck off for $10

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Heh, Brit here, literally all we remember about your performance in Con Air was your amazing caricature as a pedo. You nailed it. Feel free to join our political parties....

Edit - Didn't mean that as a slight, love your work, and thanks for the boggly eyes and the cross-Atlantic entertainment. There are not many people that can do that.

Edit again - I'm a Brit, and I thought that guy was the best actor in ConAir. Despite Cage...

Edit thrice - Cheers mate, from all of the UK.