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What are your thoughts on the medications currently in the market for reducing alcohol cravings (i.e. naltrexone, acamprosate, topiramate, baclofen, etc.)? Do you know of anything new or in development that is promising/interesting?

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Thank you for the time you are taking to talk, your words are very valuable.

There is no question that the holocaust was one of the most evil atrocities in modern history, but there are some that say that evil is situational. Philip Lombardo of the Stanford Prison Experiment postulated the theory that no person is truly "good" or "evil" but rather that a person's behavior arises from the situational pressures around them, whether from peers or authorities or otherwise. What current situations do you fear have the potential to foster similarly sinister potentialities? Further, if Lombardo is correct, every human has the potential to be pushed to commit atrocities on the level of the holocaust, what would you advise in preventing this?