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I read Scott was suffering from the effects of dysestesia (hope I spelled correctly) - where his skin is very sensitive to touch. Because in space their clothing is floating off the skin and so the skin gets use to not being touched. I have dysestesia down here on earth. I am taking pills to reduce the feeling, but no discussion of a cause. What do you know about this condition? I assume for Scott his skin eventually adapts. But it is quite annoying to have this all the time. I follow Scott on Twitter, that is how I found out he is having this issue.

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My daughter rented a room in a brownstone building with 10 other residents. That's the only way beginning professionals can afford to live there.

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Could I suggest you change the title of this AMA. It says you got a cold vs what you did get which was the flu, and there is a vaccine for the flu. I am glad you survived and put out this AMA.

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I have a geologist daughter can I continue to brag about her all the time?

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How long did it take you to gather the information and write the article? And thanks for looking into this, such investigations by the fourth estate seem to be getting rarer.