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Hi! Awesome you're doing this, Bob. Huge fan.

Question: Which character/show/film are you most recognized for when a fan stops you on the street? With the rise of Breaking Bad, is it for Saul?

Also, please never let the writers kill your character. Your screen time brings tears to my eyes (in a good, laughter-induced way).

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Just to suss that out a bit -- how has stepping away from marketing on FB helped AXS?

Curious, if you don't mind going into a bit more detail.

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it's a word in french, which means funny

circle of life

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Big fan. Thanks for this.

Know a little of your history re: drugs and such, and that you've kicked and are now clean/sober.

Is it difficult being a sober journalist, given the endless string of parties, potential for drugs and constant gladhanding by big-media companies? I'd imagine you're bombarded often by the potential for temptation.

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So, uh. Are all rest stops ground zero for bro-on-bro blowjays?

Edit: Asking for a friend.