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Big fan of you, especially after Training Day.
1.What inspired you to become an actor?
2.How did you get your first big acting gig? Did it turn out a lot better than you thought?
3.How was it filming for Training day with Denzel Washington?
4.What was the best experience you had filming and worst?
5.Who was one actor/actress your dying to work with, and why?
Thanks for answering my questions :)

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1st off, let me say I love your books. Your books are honestly one of the few books I read in my childhood for leisure fun!

I guess I’ll keep it simple and short.

1) Since you write stories that are in the “horror” section, what book and movie terrifies you?
2) What terrifies you in real life?


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What made you serve in the first place?

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No response still..?