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For those who have routinely called/emailed/faxed congressional representatives and filed comments directly with the FCC regarding support for NN, what would you recommend as a solid next step in the ongoing fight for NN? Surely there is more we can be doing.

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Just clicked this and it was Ted Cruz talking about how repealing net neutrality was honorable and right. He then asked the question, "since repealing net neutrality, has the internet ceased to exist?" Right. Because that was the claim.

God I fucking hate Ted Cruz so much.

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I have already donated to his campaign. Beto is awesome and I'm really rooting for him. If you're looking to help remove another grade-a fuckwad from office, I highly recommend supporting Andrew Janz, who is looking to unseat Devin Nunes, for congress as well!

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These fucking people care only about their party.

I'm confident when I say Ted Cruz only cares about what he can do to further his own career; he will happily shit on his own party to do so. This is why most of congress, including the GOP, do not like Ted Cruz. He's a fraudulent coward at best. His own 180 in regards to Trump proves this.

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I appreciate this reply.