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I have to say that I am thankful that I was not on this story.

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hypothetically, yes. but for not 10 hours and I would close my eyes and have to go to my "happy place"

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I did film her. The hardest part was finding a place to put the mic on her. She also spit chicken on me, which was awesome.

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I will do my best to answer these.

  1. I was there, many things I have filmed have had a lasting effect on my life, positive and I am sure negative, some things take a bit of time to get over, but I would say that I believe that being compassionate and showing the outside world that these people are just as human as the rest of us, they just might need a little more help. This is what makes it such a rewarding job. I will always put down the camera and do something if there situation becomes imminently dangerous, for the subject or for the crew.

  2. Fights can be awkward, but most of the time I just hope that they don't escalate to the point where I have to put the camera down. The hardest one for me was when the subject was going after her mom and the mom started calling out for me to help her, that hurts.

  3. There are many different types of crazy. The one that pops in my mind is filming some "land boating" at a meth compound in the deep south. Snorting pills on the sidewalk through a tampon was a bit crazy, going waist deep in an alligator filled swamp to follow a crack addict also enters my mind.

  4. Funny, that is a hard one. There tends to be some gallows humor with the crew from time to time. A coping mechanism that you get dealing with things that are awful. Nothing comes to the top of my mind except the phrase "Cheese and crackers", someone might remember that.

  5. I will always remember Coley, we bonded and kept in touch for a while when he got clean.

  6. There are definitely moments that I have felt unsafe. When I first started working on the show I was more fearless than today I think, I have kids now and that changes your perspective a bit. We do have security occasionally if we know that there people or situations that we find ourselves in are going to be particularly dangerous. We just make them out to be production assistants, not to draw any attention to them.

  7. Yes, I have grown close to many subjects while working with them. They are human, some are great people that are a pleasure to hangout with addiction and all, and some are not. I have played Wii with drug dealers, and had a great time. I just hope they are able to find their way.

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I do believe that I got a contact high off of someone smoking heroin in a closed car. I was a little too relaxed.