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You dress sharp as hell, where do you shop?

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I have major depressive disorder and anxiety. I am high-functioning, and medicated, so most people don’t realize. My family knows and we all take our own mental health seriously and discuss it openly. This pandemic has left me feeling hopeless. I feel like people really don’t get it. They want to get their haircut and nails done. I want easy-access testing and a vaccine. I have no intention on heading back out into society just because a government official says “we are open”. Having MDD, I sometimes don’t know if my attitude is bad because of my mental disorder or if I am thinking logically.

How do I know when my feelings and emotions are legit worries and sadness or just another symptom of my disorder?

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Thanks Magnus for giving us your time.

My question is, other than chess what is another game you like to play? Do you have any favorite video games?

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Do you think cannibalism can be a DNA trait? Will you give clues where the heads are located?

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Do you know my friend Guy De La Cruz? He used to be Peter Pan and still works at the park.