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Forgive my ignorance, but I recently learnt about this. Can you explain the life functioned? How did you all have basic utilities? How did the supplies enter the city? Was education still available or halted? How did you even roam the streets or get out if basically the cities were hostage?

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Do you plan to go back to your previous career ? Is yes, will the side hustle interfere? What do you think about the stability of the platform?

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Do you think about collaborating with other like minded people settled in different continents , and collectively document those places ?

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How should I wash contaminated (assumed) fresh leafy veggies?

How do I handle cash transfer? ( My mum rinses it with detergent and water , then dries the paper currency out. Is she going overboard?)

Does natural heat kill ? Like keeping peelable veggies (onions, garlic, etc) out in the scorching noon sunlight for an hour ?

Also, what is the life of the virus on different surfaces? Again thanks a lot for clearing this out.

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This actually calmed my anxiety. Well if someone doesn't show bood symptoms, can it just be there and go without the need of hospitalisation?