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Is this actually true?

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Hey! I work in aviation and am curious about your comment about two major airlines merging in 2021 - any lore details there?

Additionally - we have vouchers thru United that expire in August 2020 - are things such as this being refunded or extended?

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Thank you for responding!

Wow. That was my guess though. I worked for one of those airlines for a while and knew something would happened eventually - I know many that work for the other as well and have heard similar grumblings.

Could I pry further and ask how you know this or if it’s just a rumor or if it’s just your guess? If so, would love to hear the reasoning!

I got the vouchers at the end of last year for a flight taken in August of last year with a 12m expiration.

A few short months ago we were hours from using them to purchase a 2 week trip across Western Europe, obviously plans had to change - now we feel SOL due to the expiration date and virus.