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It's also difficult to stop because the onus of truth lies on the attacked. Counter-messaging takes time to curate and release, which is often too late because the news cycle has already moved on and the disinformation has already been consumed by the user. A large part of countering disinformation is education; teaching people to look at things objectively and from trusted sources. The UK government even has a page on how to identify misleading info.

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Nope, that's the one. Should have included the link in my post.

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Does the Malian army seem to have a handle on things when left alone, or are they mostly holding on to the pockets of the French troops as they move further North? Does the MAF leadership in Bamako seem to have a good idea of what's going on or do they rely on the French for command and control, intelligence, etc?

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The item you quoted didn't advocate censorship. It was simply a statement of fact. What you implied from it is your own business.

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For hire writers are a real thing. In the 80s, the KBG had tie-ins to many of the major media outlets in India, as well as having staff writers on their payroll. This allowed legitimate news outlets to publish pro-russia peices, often with curated narratives.