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Just curious here, the word counts are throwing me. What sort of length are your works typically for short stories and longer, "novel" length works for word count? Thanks

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Got it, thanks for your reply! Had another question I posted below. Very interested in learning about the economics of what you do. Really want to quit my day job. Averaging about 800-1000 words an hour give or take for very niche material.

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Hello! I have a terminal case of silver handcuffs with my current employer. Can you talk me through the economics of being a full time writer? Perhaps side income channels as well? If you can and feel comfortable doing so could you include ballpark figures for expected income versus talent and word count?

Would never hold you to it of course. The reason I ask is that I can think of no more refined a torture for my enemies than knowing for the next 30 years for at least 9 hours a day, their soul will be crushed, squeezed, or blended hourly. That they'd be as equally productive building sand castles in the tide, and will live a life of exclusively melancholy or self inflicted drama. To suffer this fate myself is simply more than I can bare. So I am looking for an excuse to do something different and need assistance. I'd really appreciate the insight!