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On the Itchy and Scratchy CD-ROM, is there a way out of the dungeon without using the wizard's key?

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How in the hell are you the only one to ask this?

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Trucker here.

Let me preface this to say that I have 100% respect for fellow drivers of any race or religion. If you're doing the job then what do I care, right?

Anyways, in Canada there's a few rumors or urban myths I've heard about truck drivers of East Indian descent. I was just wondering if you could give your opinion on where these may have come from and ask honestly if you've ever encountered them.

First one, it is common practice to team drive 24/7 to avoid being houred out and maximizing delivery times for freight shipments. One guy in the sleeper. The second one ties into the first...

Its common practice to cut a hole in the floor to avoid having to stop to use a restroom if you catch my drift.

I'm sure these are just the thoughts of some backwoods, racist redneck types bitching that you 'took ther jerbs' but its always designated to East Indians. Thoughts?

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What was it like winning the Stanley Cup in 1994?

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Obviously a long haul thing. I'm home every night.