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RAMPART (Really Ask My Publicist About Rampart Tickets)

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I have no words

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Recycled food?

Like, food that's already been eaten and digested once?

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I have to reply to this. I am a parent (albeit a terrible one who removed himself from his daughters life until I am able to learn better self control than my parents had) and my opinion is that there not one situation in which corporal punishment is suitable. You don't spank a child for trying to dart out in traffic, you prevent them from doing the aforementioned darting. When I was helping raise my daughter, I never once raised my voice to her, and never spanked her, and she has turned out VERY well. My sister believes in "Spare the rod, Spoil the child", and she is having such a bad time with her child that she has had several nervous episodes which have required treatment. For which she just adopts an even "Firmer" approach to discipline.
Your comment about spanking a child older than 8 is what prompted me to comment.
I would like to reiterate that these are merely my opinions and I am in no way attempting to troll, argue or debate with you. I thought your post was very well written. This is just my take on it.