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While researchers and goverment spend millions on trying to save one bee, we're trying to focus efforts on expanding the reliance past the one bee.

Here's the rule of ONE that we teach: 1. plant one native plant in your yard. 2. get rid of one chemical 3. plant one food (tomato, apple, etc.) 4. Let one pest survive. predators (lady bugs) have to have pests to eat. no pests, no predators. 5. Learn to raise gentle bees.

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without the other things working in the yard first, there's no room for bees. Bees have to come last! (but without bees, the food isn't pollinated.)

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You are our golden hero. First, you're a farmer. that already has you at a high level of hero. However, you also understand what we're doing to ourselves and care. That carries you to the top. Well done!

It is the honey bees that are collapsing, but they won't ever fail due to the money that we're throwing at it. Which is good. We don't want them to fail, we have too many food crops relying upon is only.

Awareness is the issue that we're actively working towards. You can raise bees that are gentle. Look to your backyard and make a difference.

If you can raise honey bees, good for you. Keep them in one place and care for them. If you can help the bumbles or solitaries in the area... good for you as well!

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  1. learn that there are 4,000 species of bees in the US. Not just the One honey bee.
  2. Learn that not all bees sting... some are gentle solitary bees. The mason bee is one. We have a NewBee course on our website under Bee School (www.crownbees.com)
  3. Actively raise gentle mason bees. It's not hard. We're teaching 1000's across the world right now.
  4. Once you have too many bees in your yard (easy to do) we'll ask for your extras to rehome elsewhere.

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pesticides are a problem, but not the only one. It's funny, but the honey bee has actually caused the pesticide problem.

Because you can bring the honey bee to an orchard, and this wonderful insect can pollinate for miles, it allows us to have monoculture.

Now we have only one species of plant in acres and acres. It's not natural and pests move in quickly. disease, fungus, insects. etc.

Because we now have too many of these and not enough predators, we have to spray.

when we spray, we kill off all bad pests AND good predators.

we're now married to the chemicals as the only solution.

Kind of ugly.