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I appreciate all of your responses and seeing them so quickly. Don’t forget to rest and focus on your mental health during these times. We need all of our leaders to do such!

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Thank you for doing this AMA. It’s nice to see politicals embrace other forms of social media. While disappointed in your commutation of Owens, Ray, and Dunlap’s sentences to life, I think you’ve done well responding to the pandemic and balancing the needs of the state across its diversity of people, geography, and politics. I think it’s important we recognize that we as citizens don’t have to agree on everything and can still be civil while expressing our positions. I hope you’ll continue to create more dialogue and encourage dissenting opinions to spur innovation and improvement within your administration. A few questions for you to opine upon:

  1. What actionable steps can get I-25 expanded to relieve its exceed carrying capacity to the north? Yes - I am asking about road way expansion/funding as public transportation is only part of the issue, but not the sole solution when carrying capacity and deteriorating infrastructure aren’t sufficient.
  2. What are your thoughts, and if you support it, what steps will you take, to expand the University of Colorado system to a western slope campus?
  3. Do you feel that CO should take an as aggressive approach as say CA at state-wide wildfire management via reformulating the CO Division of Fire Prevention and Control into a much larger and better staffed (i.e., more 24-7 resources) professional firefighting organization? Why or why not, and if yes, how? Follow-up: is there anything that, as governor, you feel that you can do to sustain culture change for wildfire preparedness and prevention? Burn, rebuild, burn is a continuing failing model. If so, what?
  4. What are your top 2 (or next 2) priorities for mental health and how will you implement them, measurably, before the end of your term?
  5. You have a day off (ha, we can pretend). Run us through your day of relaxation within the great state.

Again, thank you for participating in the AMA. I have to go wash my hands now.