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One of the problems I've found is that Duolingo's exercises get very repetitive and don't really give you much opportunity to exercise the part of your brain that actually generates original sentences. It's great for practicing vocabulary and translating, but I don't find it very good for really learning to speak. Do you have any plans to introduce chat with other users or other exercises that give you an opportunity to build your own sentences?

The chat bots feature is a nice step in that direction, by the way.

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What about other kinds of exercises? Any plans to introduce more variety?

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Do you really believe that Duolingo is a tool for fluency? What kind of language/education experts do you have backing that opinion? How does one increase their chances of success with Duolingo?

What planned features will increase the effectiveness of Duolingo?

Personally I don't see how you could learn a language without being presented with the opportunity to create your own sentences, rather than just answering questions based on generated questions.

Also: Why a green owl? Where did the mascot come from?

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Why did you decide to build Tinycards?

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How do the web usage statistics compare to mobile?

Personally I only use the app occasionally, but I wonder if mobile usage vastly outweighs desktop or if there are other interesting statistics worth mentioning about that.