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Do you want a Fremen revolt? Because this is how you get a Fremen revolt.

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Multi-part question for you Matt & team.

I've always wondered. Where do you guys get the faces from? Do you hire someone and you tell them "yes, this face will be the next model!" Or do you pull it from a book/google. Same thing with body parts (arms, butts, boobs, dongs... etc) How long does it take to map out the section and make it into a mold?

Sorry if I ask a lot of questions. I worked in silicone molding before, but we made rollers and presses not dolls and mannequins.

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This guy gets me.

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Fascinating! I've never thought about keeping time invested in sculpting the prototype. That's really cool since it keeps the art in the work.

When you make presses and rollers, you pretty much just rapid fabricate the die or mold. There's no human part of it. I guess making a human-like product requires a human component. Thank you! I appreciate the level of attention and detail that goes into the makeup of a doll.

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Honestly, would've been happy with a list of potential suspects

FBI, Aliens, Mexican Mob, Yet, Ninjas...