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I'd heard he has gout. What other health issues does he have?

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There’s a case in New York of a young lady who OD’d on a Xanax cocktail. She OD’d and the doctors told her mother that there was nothing to be done and the righteous thing to do would be to donate her organs. She agreed and they took her daughter to have her organs harvested.

The only problem is that right before they were about to make the first incision in surgery, she woke up right there on the spot.

Think of all the people that were not brain dead that didn’t wake up in time. I’ll try and find the story but it’s not the only one. There’s another one where a young boy had a 4 wheeler accident and the same thing happened. I’ve come across a handful in my journey to decide whether or not to be an organ donor.

Edit: here is the lady that woke up from the OD

Edit2: here is the boy that woke up. It wasn’t an ATV. He fell from a trailer

I’m curious why I’m being downvoted. Anybody care to respond why? Do you not like the fact that people are humans capable of making errors even when it comes to organ donation?

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Mr. Lawsky, how effective do you believe issuing bit licenses will be at deterring "unregulated" bitcoin transactions? If you believe bit licenses are necessary, why don't we have cash licenses to protect consumers?

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In your opinion as a former prosecutor, who deserves to be prosecuted more? An exec of HSBC or Charlie Shrem?