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Without fail, if I came home and my dog was not at the door to greet me, but hiding, it was because he either got into the garbage or did something else he was not supposed to do.

If I was eating something and put it on the coffee table, as long as I was in the room he wouldn't go for it, but as soon as nobody was left, he would dig in. Basically if he knew anyone could see it, he wouldn't go for it.

The same "if they can't see me, they won't know" concept carried over to being outside. He would constantly look back at me to see if I was watching. As long as I was standing outside or looking through the window, he would stay in the yard. The second he didn't see me, he would just wander off.

Maybe it was my fault that he acted that way, but I have no idea how you can train a dog that already knows what he should not be doing, but will do it if he knows you can't see.

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The sad thing is that as an outsider (not affiliated with the GOP), his views pretty much seem like the standard GOP bullshit. Throw in a little gay hate, self-righteous blathering, and a binder full of women and you'd have a GOP golden boy.

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Why have I never heard of this before? It looks great.