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Lying down is astronomically worse than sitting down. Even sitting engages some back/core muscles where as lying down does nothing. Sitting also has your head up, meaning gravity is still pulling on your lungs which helps keep them open

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No she doesn't. You know how in the uterus we all "start off as girls?" well, for people with the XY chromosome enough testosterone is around to develop a penis, testicles, and a scrotum. For XX there are other hormones which make the uterus, fallopian tubes etc.

For OP, she is XY but due to her deficiency never had the signals in her body as a fetus to create a penis, scrotum etc so she is stuck with the external vagina and nothing internally. She may have had testicles but they never "dropped" and she may have had them surgically removed. Many people with this disorder initially present thinking they have a hernia and it turns out that bulge was a ball

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So much of it is genetics, definitely talk to your doctor about it. See if you qualify for coronary calcium screening or need other testing.

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Are you thinking of reye's syndrome?


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Lung transplant patients have a 50% mortality at 5 years. He is young and his lungs have a much better chance at recovering on their own over time.