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I have to second this one.

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I used to write for my school newspaper. But due to lack of print ads, loss of classifieds et cetera, et cetera, the paper stopped printing and went completely online. Although I go to a major public university, we have the great misfortune of have one student run news agency. The transition, in this case was inspired by a Tumbler blog. The editors decided to turn the only school newspaper into glorified blog. They got rid of instant reporting and the factor of timeliness. Now, stories are presided over for weeks. Then a four page story is written collaboratively.

Is this the transition you are some what referring to? A complete overhauling of traditional journalism? :O

I quit writing for the paper after it stopped printing because I felt stupid and redundant being there. Now I am freelancing with the photography department. Since then I started writing for two blogs addressing two different audiences. Would Huffington Post Politics, Saloon.com or Talking Points Memo be the kind thing I am looking at for my future?

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My area of study is political print journalism. I guess it goes without saying that the Daily Show is frequently a part of our case studies. My ultimate dream is to end up covering politics with the NYT or the Washington Post or any other serious news agency.

Throughout my schooling, all I have heard is that print journalism is dying. Regular people going around with their cameras trying to be novice citizen journalists while I am spending four years, or more, in school trying to perfect this "art".

As an industry professional do you really believe that print will die so anti-climatically?

What would suggest to an aspiring print journalist?