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Advice: Don't change. You did the right thing. Some people are just like that. Character means doing the right thing when there's nothing in it for you. That extends to doing the right thing even when it will hurt you. It's something of a gray area. In that area also lies taking a bullet for a loved one. You took something of a bullet, but it was one person's life in exchange for a legal hassle. You made the right sacrifice.

Another way to look at this: You saved her life, but more importantly you increased your character.

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This is just social engineering. Oldest "hack" on the books.

It's a fundamental issue around using contact information without verification. Google Maps has nothing to do with it. I could publish a fake address to the White House in a newspaper, and if people don't verify the address first, they could end up mailing me all their anthrax.

The solution is to teach people to verify contact information before using it.

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This was utterly fascinating. I don't understand why so many fantasy writers go to such lengths to concoct detailed, imaginary lands and histories when we have real historic developments such as these which, to me, are FAR more interesting.

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I would like to know where in the hell is Matt?

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Nonsense. You can enjoy something while in the middle of something terrifying. Ask anyone who's noticed the blue sky in the middle of a fire fight.

I think saying it this way perpetuates the guilt and shame. What if a victim DID enjoy the orgasm? Now you've just created more guilt for them by saying "orgasm is physical and not something you enjoy while being raped."

Arousal and orgasm and enjoyable. Period. That it happens at the hands of a rapist is a violation, but telling people they should not have enjoyed it is tremendously damaging.