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What is your advice for men who have been sexually assaulted and are looking for support? Where would you suggest they go?

Does your Centre share the attitude that leads to this? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earl_Silverman

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Lawyer up dude, NOW.

These accusations could be dismissed in court with lack of evidence, and even in that unlikely scenario you'd still have all of your shared social group poisoned by her actions.

Take steps to protect yourself, RIGHT THE FORK NOW.

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Aren't those statistics carefully gerrymandered to exclude certain classes of victims? I know several government definitions of rape that specify penetration with penis, which excludes all male rape victims who were forced to have sex without their consent.

Or the "1 in 4 women experiences sexual harassment" statistic in the US, where the makers of the statistic included things like being asked out even once by someone you didn't like.

Do you think these biases contribute to the lack of resources available for men?

Edit: and to repeat a question for elsewhere, isn't dismissing the question with "men don't ask for help because stoic" a form of victim blaming?

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or possibly preempt the abuse and accuse her of rape, as men who say they're using a condom and take it off constitutes a violation of consent, which is clearly like what happened in his case.

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If we're including women talking about dick size in the definition of sexual assault/harassment, those stat are gonna change QUICK