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My ex-girlfriend's father claims that he wrote "Dare to be Stupid". He has a picture of you and him together and a typewritten set of lyrics. His name is Bryan Baker.

I've always wondered-- is there any truth to this?

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Aside from all your kick-ass starring roles, you've done a ton of bit parts and cameos. What was your favorite? Which do you get recognized for most often?

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butt baked, huh? is that some new kind of high the kids are into these days?

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when you were young [and dumb as we all are in youth] did you ever take advantage of her blindness to pull one over on her and get away with anything big?

and if so do you feel bad about it or do you guys laugh about it now

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I enjoyed Gabriel Mann's songs which were included in the "Sample Music" of my Windows XP 2004 Media Center Edition laptop, so when I saw his name pop up in the music credits I got kinda excited lol