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Mr. Downey Junior! Huge fan of your work, and thank you for doing this AMA. Coincidentally I actually just watched Iron Man 1 and 2 last night for the first time, fantastic job. Ever since I saw you for the first time dancing with Jack Black and Ben Stiller on American idol back in '08, I had always wondered how you got so smooth with your dancing and just all around being. So, what do you attribute your skills in those departments to? Looking forward to seeing your performance in The Judge! Cheers!

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Hello there Mr. Middleditch! I'm catching up on Silicon Valley Season 1 currently, and I really love the show, just wondering, how many gigabytes does their company own? I personally got to know you through Jake and Amir, although I'm sure you're tired of hearing about it now. I heard a while ago you talked about having fun working with the role of Doobs because you could be crazy, and it was glorious. Are you happy to have moved on with the role? If there ever is a Jake and Amir Television show, are you interested in participating? Hope all is well, Cheers!

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Mr. Ruffalo! First of all, want to really compliment you on your work as the Hulk, don't tell him, but I think you're far superior to the great Mr. Norton in the big green shoes of Hulk. Speaking of the Hulk, if he wasn't the great big smashing hero we know of today, what could you see him doing as a day job? Keeping in mind he'd be his full size. I can't wait to see you in Now You See Me 2, and great job in Age of Ultron! On a final note, to reference one of your classics, "I love you, Matty"

~ Cheers!