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Hi! I was very recently diagnosed autistic in my mid 20s. In this season of my life I'm finding it more difficult to speak out loud in my day to day life, and it feels like with increasing pressures in my life that I am becoming "more autistic" (quotes because I know the spectrum doesn't work that way 🙂 but I basically mean that I am finding it more difficult to mask my sensory and communication differences).

I am ready to accept that I may not be able to mask as an adult like I was able to as a child and as a teenager, but I feel unsure about how that will look and what that will mean for me as I try to find work.

Anyway, this is a super open-ended question (but that means you can take it wherever you want to go, heh), but I was wondering if you had any thoughts or personal experiences living with what looks on the outside as a highly "variable" disability. For instance, I am starting to use an AAC text-to-speech app part-time as I need it even though growing up I never used any AAC or speech therapy (I was told I was "just shy" and had to work harder at speaking out loud 🙄)... So some days I may be using my mouth to speak and some days I may be using text-to-speech. And also I'm just wondering in general what you think in regards to disability not being a static state of being, but something highly variable from day to day and from situation to situation?