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Fengsel! Shouldn't you quit playing on the Internet and get back to work?

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Anyone who goes from fairly active to sedantary is vulnerable to discomfort.

Old guy speaking from experience here... anyone who goes from fairly sedentary to active is guaranteed discomfort.

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As someone who believes in the right to defend my home and family, "safe storage" means "readily accessible". Presence of children requires special consideration in this regard, obviously.

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Yesterday it was 1325 containers which may suggest that they lost 90 containers overboard. Hope your car isn't at the bottom of the ocean.

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Hi Josh. Articles I've read which point to possible perpetrators seem to go out of their way to avoid pointing out the one group that has a vested interest in scuttling improvements in US/Cuba relations. That is the hard line factions of the Cuban exile community here in the US. Evidence of their presence and ongoing operations in Cuba is pretty widely accepted. Why is an organization like CANF not included in the list of possible culprits?