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When you adapt something with such a huge following like Lord of The Rings, how do you make sure to capture the tone or mood of the source material, is it a clinical method where you break the material up and rebuild it from scratch or do you subtract from the source material whatever can be deleted? Or is it some other way entirely?

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Jen, Jen, Jen!! If we build robots with artificial intelligence and they can replicate themselves and they're better then us in terms of logic and getting along do you think it'd be good if they became the predominant life forms on earth or are you team human all day?

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This is so awesome congrats on the marvelous work you do! Travelling around for a cause like that is really admirable. No questions just keep doing what you're doing!

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Just bought the new album! Love your music thanks for talking to me. What's the secret huh? Yall look like you got it all figured out. Your musics good probably always getting into adventures and shit, whats it all about? Huh?

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How does it feel to give up your humanity to other people? I mean in a very real sense you have given up youre interpertation of reality to another group of people that have given you guidelines and procedures to follow. We all have dealt with that on some level but as a sheriff you have done that more than most. Do you feel like that makes you a weaker person overall from a third part perspective? How do you reconcile your allegiance to law enforcement with your natural disposition to sympathize with the individual. DOes that still exist in you or did you snuff it out?