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With so many people working with these documents in so many locations, how do you keep these documents secure (in terms of both from less discerning journalistic operations and from antagonistic governments)?

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I couldn't believe it when I saw how many in the crowd sang along to the Falangist anthem in Cibeles during the anti-referendum demonstration. I see the occasional story about how the far right has been unsuccessful in Spain but seeing stuff like this and the growing prominence of Hogar Social in Madrid is very scary.

(Not Spanish but I lived in Spain for a few years, in Catalonia and then Madrid.)

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Yo homies it's Nick, congrats on the app!

So it seems obvious to me that for Novel to succeed it needs to reach a certain number of users in physical proximity with each other so that a. people have a reasonable chance of finding the books they're looking for and b. the exchange is geographically feasible. Do you guys have a plan for reaching that critical mass (I assume by the end of summer, since the beginning of the semester is peak textbook market time)? What's the draw for people to use the app before that threshold is reached?

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That makes sense. Where are you hoping to push early adoption? I'd suggest doing targeted AMAs in subreddits like /r/UniversityofKentucky if your goal is to grow in a particular area. What sort of promotion do you intend to do?