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im a driver for ups and he is slightly wrong but for the most part correct, at least at our center. starting pay is $17.xx/hr and after i wanna say 2 years you go straight to top rate, which is currently $32.29/hr. we never work 8 hours, they plan us for 9 and a half to 10 hours pretty much monday thru friday. raises are different every year but with this new contract i wanna say we get a $.70 raise a year and it increases every year over the next 5. by 2018 it should be right around $39/hr but honestly im not 100% sure it could be closer to $38/hr.

edit: i think i read what he said a bit wrong regarding the hours we work, i see he was just pointing out that anything over 8 hours is overtime, which is correct. we usually get 1-2 hours a day overtime minimum.

aside from the $25/hr part hes pretty spot on