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What's the smuttiest sentence you've ever written? No context please, just the sentence.

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The first thing I wondered is how can the pass health and food handling codes. Seems like selling unpackaged food near items covered in toxic grease and oil might be a problem. Do you wash your hand a thousand times a day?

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I don't recognize any of the names you mentioned, except Taylor Swift, is this because I'm old?

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Not a question anymore because I looked it up, but just to verify. Do I need to fill out my entire ballot? Can I leave things "blank" if I have no interest in the outcome of certain things?

And why was it so difficult for me to find an answer to this?

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True, I'm going through a similar thing. Not in the medical field. But if I push too hard for management to do the right thing and send us home with pay, it'll be rough for me. I might not get fired, but the next few months or years may not be pleasant. People can hold a grudge. It's all week and good to stand your ground, put your foot down, and be the hero, but it can have consequences for the rest of your career.