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What's the estimated lifespan for new windmills? I passed a bunch of older windmills in Tehachapi that seemed to be failing--leaking oil down the blades & making a godawful grinding noise as they spun. Will they all eventually do that?

EDIT: Also, how do you feel about trespassers? Wind farms seem to always be fenced off--is it unsafe to walk around in there?

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How do you deal with pests? Seems like an oyster bed would soon be infested with starfish and cownose rays.

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Ever since '08, most of the western world has witnessed a huge fall in labour productivity

Not in the US! According to the Federal Reserve, real output per hour for all nonfarm workers has been doing pretty good since 2008.

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FWIW, the Bible isn't entirely miracles. It's also a historic narrative of the Hebrew people, and solid archaeology finds can provide context for the events in the Bible.

ie, a Biblical archaeologist doesn't necessarily spend their time searching for remnants of the Ark. They're more likely piecing together shards of Edomite pottery to better understand how charcoal-fired kiln technology diffused through Moab in the 12th Century BCE.

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And this forum is suspiciously vocal about spending a lot on a mattress.

Don't cheap out on anything that separates you from the ground--you spend a third of your life there!

Redditors are strangely quick to offer up (and upvote!) testimonials about how a $1500 mattress changed their life. It's always seemed weird how much traction mattress fans get.

I mean, I've slept on good mattresses, bad mattresses, no mattress at all. And the quality of my mattress has never come close to being a big quality of life issue. I literally never think about it.