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What's the estimated lifespan for new windmills? I passed a bunch of older windmills in Tehachapi that seemed to be failing--leaking oil down the blades & making a godawful grinding noise as they spun. Will they all eventually do that?

EDIT: Also, how do you feel about trespassers? Wind farms seem to always be fenced off--is it unsafe to walk around in there?

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How do you deal with pests? Seems like an oyster bed would soon be infested with starfish and cownose rays.

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How does the fabric feel? And how long will it retain its elasticity?

I have a lot of kevlar / aramid motorcycle gear; while the fabric is tough as hell, it also tends to be scratchy and stiff.

If you've created a flexible aramid weave, there's going to be a huge market, way beyond pantyhose.

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How mystical is the performance? During the dance, are you "acting" a scripted part, or are you "channeling" the spirit behind your role?

For example, in the Christian theater (eg, a Christmas Pageant) the actor playing Archangel Gabriel is just a man following a script--he isn't channeling the spirit of the Angel; during the performance, he does not become an earthly vessel for anything supernatural.

From the perspective of an outsider, Pueblo ceremonies seem more mystical, like the dancers are forming an actual bridge to the spirit world. Is that true?

And if it is, what is that like? How do you prepare, and how long does it take after the performance to fully come back to yourself?

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