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Was it weird seeing yourself animated for the first time?

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But think of the long-term impact on society. So many children could finally live their dreams of fucking a pterodactyl in its eye-asses.

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Ellen, have you used the voice of GLaDOS for other works? I could swear on my life I've heard it elsewhere.

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on vimeo i have the nice ability to seamlessly replace the existing stream with improved ones over time... so when you're signed up to the 30 day rental, i can be upping the picture quality with better-compressed uploads along the way, which is great. or i can replace it all with artsy footage of relaxing underwater reefs. cool.

I never even considered that possibility with online content. That's fucking great. That's like renting a VHS that gets less distorted every time you play it.

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I think it's because every character has great lines in it. I'd say the Happy Time Harry episode is a close second.