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SAG ULB is Ultra Low Budget. Since the pay scale for ULB films is so low, they try to make up for it by offering actors "back end points," which is a percentage of the net profits the film generates.

Usually actors know the back end points aren't going to be worth shit because the way Hollywood accounts for films means that films rarely generate any profit on the books. David Prowse, who played Darth Vader, is a famous example of this for having never received any residual payout from Return of the Jedi because, as far as the studio is concerned, it has yet to turn a profit. Compare this to Alec Guiness who was a famous enough actor to negotiate a front-end deal, made a fortune from his role in Star Wars.

In the case of OP's film, he stated that he and the rest of the producers took all of their payment in back-end points. This means that the actors have some reassurances that the producers have an incentive to not screw them, as they won't get paid if they do typical accounting shenanigans to minimize the net profits.