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I'm not sure, but a hand-job in my mind seems wonderful. 40% less surface area, but with higher dexterity.

Do you find this to be true in hand jobs given, in the event you have administered any?

If you aren't into guys, you have a pretty epic shocker there for the ladies.

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You probably shouldn't post this on reddit. The sheer amount of 14 year olds not back to school will be overwhelming.

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Dammit Chloe, stop being so adorable or we're going to have to call off the... 12 seconds! DOWNLOAD THE SCHEMATIC TO MY PHONE!

When someone in your family is angry with you, do they yell "MARY LYNN!!!!" or "GOD DAMMIT CHLOE!"

The 24 callback would be funny to me.

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Re: opening up a new socket - you just stick it in!

Yep, computer scientist here. That's exactly how it's done.