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  1. What was your impression of von Braun?

  2. What were your feelings while trying to beat the Soviets to space, and how did the Agency as a whole react to the first few "failures" where the Soviets managed to be the first to accomplish those certain milestones in spaceflight?

  3. What role do you see games like Kerbal Space Program playing in the education of future engineers?

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That comma's gonna cost you about $3.5k extra

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How should individuals and governments react to this round of the coronavirus? Is this simply fearmongering, as it only affects old and those with compromised immune systems, or is the panic surrounding it warranted?

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What kind of role do you see yourself, as part of the industry, play in tackling climate change?

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Thanks for the reply. Interesting to note how one perceives a person whom he has met personally, when the rest of us have only read about him in books and Wikipedia.

To clarify my 3rd point, I meant to ask what he thought of such a genre which looks to educate players about the basics of orbital mechanics and the sorts. Does he think that such games play a role in educating the next generation of engineers, and if so, how large of a role he thinks it should play? I mean, I find it real difficult to imagine the trajectory of a spacecraft in space, if we were to travel to the moon, but to do it back then in the 60s? Woah

And if I may ask another thing: how does he personally feel about the prevalence of computers so much more powerful than those used on spaceships during those times? (if I were to see kids playing around with games like Flappy Bird when I could use that darn computer to navigate space, I'd be exasperated!)