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They employ lobbyists whose jobs are to influence politicians on behalf of their clients. Here's an article on how Akin, Gump is trying to curry favor with Clinton 2016: http://thehill.com/business-a-lobbying/business-a-lobbying/242766-at-k-streets-no-1-lobby-shop-ties-to-clinton-run-deep

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Have you looked into your own member of Congress? Who do they take money from? Do you feel like they represent constituents like yourself or the corporations and lobbyists that give them the big bucks?

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The TPP is thousands of pages long. If you had to name one provision in it that pissed you off the most, what would that be?

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What are your thoughts on the sunset vigils to Sunset the Patriot Act that are happening across the country tonight? Do you think holding events at senators' local offices can help?

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This is fantastic. Thank you! I'm backing the Kickstarter!