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Have you ever faced any problems from your peers about 'going white' or the crabs in a bucket mentality? I'm from Saskatchewan and striving to get good marks in school and go on to post-secondary gets a lot of Aboriginal kids shit from their community.

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And sleeping: I always think of opossums who play dead. Teens tend to do this a lot and it's something that parents or teachers complain about because they seem to feign being asleep during class, and in reality, they might have fallen asleep because what was going on was too much to handle.

Huh, this makes sense. I'm diagnosed with anxiety and a mood disorder (back before the DSM-V stuck 'NOS' on stuff) and I enjoy the feeling of curling up and drifting off. Not so much the sleep itself so much as the relaxing feeling of just letting my mind float. We tend to ascribe this behavior to depression and it's good to know that it could also be anxiety.

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Dear fapologist:

I need your expertise in understanding how pink eye is related to anal play. Unless the definition of pink eye you are using is different from mine, which is an eye infection caused by any number of factors and unrelated to sexual contact.

Sincerely, an innocent, naive soul

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Unpasteurized is different than straight from the cow. Milk straight from the cow is very thick and is usually separated into milk and cream afterwards. Pasteurization is just treatment for bacteria.

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Mumble mumble something about how great the blood of Jesus Christ who died for our sins is?