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I live in the same rural town in northeast GA that I grew up in. No one could come and visit my and my family and friends in Jefferson and say that I don't come from the country. Therefore, I believe my music, which is a reflection of my life, is a reflection of "country". I try not think too much about what "country" is supposed to be, I just write what I know.
Let me put it another way - true art is like a mirror society can hold up to itself to see it's values, norms, issues, etc. Sadly, popular country often distorts that mirror for the sake of massive commercial success. It has become like a funhouse mirror. It makes it look as if all people in the country care about is riding around in trucks with girls sipping moonshine. It perpetuates negative stereotypes about people in the country, people like myself and my friends and family and I find it reprehensible. There is a lot more diversity in small towns than the format gives us credit for.

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I know a lot of country singers that smoke their weight in weed. It's just uncouth to write about or discuss it. Radio won't play many weed songs. Alcohol is a more socially acceptable drug simply because its legal.

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Not anymore. We did a show with him in Alabama this summer and he treated us like crap. It's along story, but I'm no longer a fan. He was my hero when I was a kid though.

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I love all types of music. I'm a huge Randy Newman fan. I still enjoy John Mayer. Love his newest album Paradise Valley. I like Skynyrd, the Allman's, Counting Crowes. I enjoy classical music when I'm in a certain mood too. Aaron Copeland is amazing. Gershwin is great. I have an Ella Fitzegerald album where she sings the Gershwin catalogue. Its awesome.

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A crazy cougar lady in Fayetteville Arkansas leaned over and bit me on the chest when I was taking a picture with her. Almost drew blood. Pissed me off. I had her kicked out.