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How do I put money into countries? Are you saying invest in Japanese companies? German companies? Or are you talking about national funds?

Should I invest in individual currencies or are there baskets i should pick from? Or do u mean gold and bitcoin?

I really enjoy principles.com thank you

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Thank you this is very very helpful.

Is this something available to me in my fidelity IRA? Or do I have to use my other investment accounts outside retirement accounts to do this.

Thank you in advance. I understand some of this stuff only at the high level.

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Thank you for responding. As a software engineer myself these topics are very sensitive to me.

I'm happy that you are optimistic on that and are moving in more positive directions.

If your boss comes to you and wants to hook up the behavior surplus machine to how the users interact with the system or how the end users use these systems.

Is this something you will actively oppose hopefully? Do you have a plan how you will react or prevent this type of push? How will you help make society better with these tools not just more excess profit for capital?

Thank you again!

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How are you going to make sure Microsoft doesn't just use it for more surveillance capitalism?