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Fifty Shades is both underrated and still somehow the worst thing ever

I'll bite. What's your hot take?

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Thanks for the response! Glad to see that my own thoughts were in the same vein as someone who actually knows more about writing in that kind of field. I'll admit I only skimmed the book while the wife was reading it and I'm a pretty vanilla guy as far as that kind of topic goes - but the same thing stood out to me that Grey was really written as a pretty shit partner. It surprised me that so many readers/viewers seemingly overlooked basically every part of his character other than the kink part. My best guess was that the target audience expected that kind of behavior as part of the package :/ Like that his legitimately abusive behavior was expected considering the 'abusive' nature of the sexual relationship. And that really seemed counterproductive or at least not very interesting.

Thanks again! Going to go check out your stuff!

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That's an answer you'd expect from CR. Ignore the opinion of enthusiasts because it's incomprehensible how every option isn't appropriate for every vehicle. Safety features are one thing but honestly some of us consumers would trade overall cost for 'lots of features' and wouldn't consider it 'screwing up' the model vehicle by any means. I don't want an 18 speaker stereo, lane assistance, and automatic parallel parking in my modern sports car if it means the manufacturer can knock some of the price off and make it more consumer friendly. A sporty grocery-getter doesn't need to try and compete with a Model S or Model 3 to try and be considered good.

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Getting outside of the topic of butt injections - but I've been curious about medicines that use oil as a carrier and the risks of that oil making its way directly into veins. Can you speak to the risks of something like that? I have a weekly IM injection that sometimes results in a little chest pressure and coughing for 5-10 minutes that I've been told is a little oil leakage into the blood but nothing to be worried about.

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No problem - I don't want to try and hijack and get you too far off topic :)